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To contact Dr. Tilgner or if you wish to be on her email list & have monthly class notices sent to you, please send your email address to

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Tutoring: For those of you interested in individual tutoring, Dr. Tilgner loves to work one on one with you or with a small group of students who set up special classes to their specifications. Call her and discuss your needs. Tutoring can be one time only or on a continual basis. For those coming from a distance if you need to stay for an extended period of time, we have accommodations at the farm.

Consultations: If you are interested in starting your own herbal company, need advise about a company you already own or need the expertise of a herbal professional/physician at your company, call Dr. Tilgner to discuss your needs. Her past experience creating, operating and selling a herbal company that was respected by the health care professional world makes her your go to person for consulation on the following:

• Herbal Manufacturing

• Herbal Formulating

• Consultations with your professional clients

• Systems Analysis: Her business partner has extensive skills in systems analysis and between the two of them they can assist you in reaching your goals to start or improve your current company's effectiveness and efficiency.

Small Farm Consultations: If you are getting ready to purchase a farm and want assisitance in analyzing a possible farm site, need help with understanding irrigation needs, water rights, how to analyze soil etc, this is my favorite thing to do. I love looking a new possible farm ventures. This may seem like an odd area for a physician/herbalist, but small scale farming is my favorite interest in life.

Call or email: 541-736-0164

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