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Formulations • To print out a registration form, click here: Registration form

This class is offered twice due to a lot of requests. I am attempting to offer a class this fall to honor your requests. However, I am unsure if we can fill it quickly enough. The first class in November is happening relatively soon. I realize this is short notice. I am depending on interested students to help me get the information about the class out as I do not have enough time to advertise it appropriately. If enough people do not sign up immediately, I will have to cancel it and only offer the 2013 class. So, if interested, sign up right away and tell others about it.

This Intermediate to Advanced class allows you to practice methods of interviewing with other students, with a final focus on creating formulas or just brushing up on creating formulas. It is expected that you will understand basic herbal language and will have taken one of my basic herb classes previously. If you have learned on your own or from another herbalist that is acceptable too. You will need to know basic terminolgoy to understand the information. If you question if you are ready and able to take this class, just email or call.

What you will learn in a nutshell: This is a two day class that will start by examining methods of formulating. The students will be given multiple cases where the whole class will come up with formulas for individuals as well as general formulas for a presenting condition. You will be given a chance to enact brief pretend interviews with other classmates while Dr. Tilgner assists you in the process. . You will take the information you collect from your interview and assess it with help from Dr. Tilgner again. Then you will create a herbal formula that might be used if it were a real live situation. By the end of the two day class you will feel more confident in creating formulas.

How you will learn: Lecture as well as experiential. This class gives you the necessary hands-on activities to get better aquainted with formulating.

When you will learn: This class will encompass 2 jam packed days. Due to a lot of interest in this class it is being offered at two different times. The first class is in 2012 this fall on November 3rd and 4th, 2012. The second class is in 2013 on January 12th and 13th, 2013. The class runs from 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM each day.

Where you will learn: Wise Acres Farm – A farm in Pleasant Hill Oregon, devoted to teaching planetary citizens to be more self sufficient in a sustainable manner. It is 18 minutes from South Eugene and 25 minutes from North Eugene. This will be our home base and most classes will be held here.

Who will be teaching: Classes are taught by Dr. Sharol Tilgner. Her bio is here. Dr. Tilgner's bio

Meals: Simple lunch included each day. Mostly prepared prior to class. - You help set it up.

Investment to learn: $155-$225 Sliding scale  - See discounts for signing up with a buddy or early registration.

Discounts: I realize there are many people hurting for cash these days so I have devised a discount schedule in addition to the sliding scale fee. For the first class you can receive a 10% discount if you sign up with a buddy or if you sign up before October 5th. For the 2013 class you can receive a 15% discount if you sign up before November 15th and 10% discount if you sign up one month prior to the class. You can receive 10% off of either class at any time by signing up with a buddy. No double discounts available. Don’t wait until the last moment to sign up or you may not be able to join due to lack of space in what needs to be an intimate class. Additionally, if I don't get enough people signing up in time for the first class due to the short time notification, I will have to cancel it. So if interested in the 2012 class, get your friends interested in this one also. Refunds available up until three weeks prior to the class starting. There is a 20% surcharge on all refunds up until one month prior to the class when it changes to a 25% surcharge on all refunds. Remember there is a sliding scale for people who need it.

Registration: To print out a registration form, click here: Registration form


I encourage you to email/call if you have questions about this class.) 541-736-0164 or


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