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(Sorry - Canceled: Contact us if interested in cheese classes. May offer one weekend to interested parties where we would make a soft cheese such as bondon, a hard cheese and ricotta.

Getting Cheesey Series - 5 classes (take them as a series OR take individual classes)making cheese

Registration: To print out a registration form, click here - Getting Cheesy Registration Form

What you will learn: Even if you don't take the series, it is suggested you take the first class before taking any of the other classes if you want to really understand what you are doing in the other classes. The first class will go over all the basic types of cheese and cheese making ingredients and techniques in lecture form before you actually make cheese in the other classes. If you already have a background in making cheese and know the basics, feel free to take any class at any time. Depending on how many questions the students have, will depend on if the class gets out early or we stay late. I will try to end classes on time, however sometimes the students are so interested in the topic and have so many good questions that deserve an answer, that we just have to stay late! All classes are set up similar to the style you see on T.V. cooking shows. We will start a cheese and then when the cheese is set aside to hang or put into a press, we will pull out the cheese hung or pressed the day prior so that we may continue on with theprocessing. This allows you to get a two day education in a one day class.

May 19th: This first class is mostly lecture but we will make a few quick and easy cheeses. We will explore the world of cheese and other milk products. You will learn some basic information about milk and compare milk from different animals. You will learn about various categories of cheese and how to make cheese. We will cover cheese making equipment, ingredients used in cheese making, and the basic steps involved in cheese making. If that was not already enough, we will actually make a few cheeses in this first class. We will start with simple cheeses that need only the tools you find in most kitchens. In this class we will make chevre, bondon, and ricotta. This class is from 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

May 26th: This class is about Stretched-Curd Cheese. Make mozarella and make a mess! Mozarella is always messy with a group but what fun it is. We will start a mozarella that will hang for future processing. Then we will take the mozarella I started the day prior and process it into mozarella balls you can take home with you. Learn how the same recipe can be used to make provolone. See how to set up a smoker to smoke your provolone or other cheeses. Additionally, we will make kefir and yogurt.

June 16th: This class will begin to get into making cheeses that need some additional equipment but I will show you ways to fudge and make cheese with little outlay of money. We will make what is considered to be semi-hard cheese and washed curd cheese. We will make a fenugreek gouda and a fontina cheese. This class is from 10:00 AM 4:00 PM

July 21st: This class will explore the cooked pressed cheeses or hard cheeses. We will make a parmesan cheese and then use the whey from that cheese to make a ricotta that needs no additional acid added to it for coagulation. Additionally, we will make a black pepper asiago. This class is from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

August 18th : This class examines what are considered to be some of the harder to make cheeses. We will discuss the mold ripened cheeses and make the queen of all cheeses, brie! We will also make a blue cheese. This class is from 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

I encourage you to email/call if you have questions about this class.) 541-736-0164 or

What is the Cost of the Getting Cheesey Series: $375-$425 sliding scale fee. Individual classes are $95-$115 sliding scale fee. Everything is provided in class you do not need to bring anything but a lunch. I provide a sliding scale fee for people who are unable to pay the regular price to help them afford to come to this class. I trust you will pay what you can and do not require proof of finances. Additionally, I offer discounts to early birds which helps me plan my classes better and again helps those who could not afford the classes otherwise.

Discounts & Refunds: Receive a 10% discount if you register three months or more in advance. Refunds available up until three weeks prior to the class starting. There is a 20% surcharge on all refunds up until one month prior to the class when it changes to a 25% surcharge on all refunds.

Payments: Due to the limited amount of people we can take, it is not cost effective to take credit cards. We need you to pay by check or cashiers check. Please mail payment in along with the filled out form at this link: Getting Cheesy Registration Form

Camping on the farm: $15/night per each person.
Private cabin with a single bed and loft bed avaialble for $35 per night for two or more nights or $45 per night for one night. Includes use of outdoor kitchen and bathroom with hot shower. Cabin is available at reduced price for longer term stays.
Motel 15 minutes away
Many motels/hotels 20 minutes away - click here for details

Registration: To print out a registration form, click here - Getting Cheesy Registration Form


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