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Becoming An Herbalist  •To print out a registration form, click here: Becoming An Herbalist Registration Form


GardenFairyWhat you will learn in a nutshell: Learn to identify, grow, harvest & process over 100 herbs into medicine to use for yourself, your family and your animals. If you want to meet the herbs one on one, connect with each of them in an intimate manner, get to know them as only an herbalist does, this class is for you. This class is a gathering of like minded souls. You will travel with these wonderful new friends from spring through fall learning the herbs in their environment and at the pace appropriate for the group. You will learn to identify a VAST amount herbs. This includes the domestic herbs that we keep in our gardens for spices and health as well as those wild and wooly creatures that live on the edge of civilization or in the woods. You will learn to identify them, as well as learn which parts of the plant to harvest, when to harvest it, how to harvest it and how to prepare the plant for storage and use. This class is about getting intimate with the plants. Additionally you will learn how to order seeds and live herb plants, as well as how to grow them throughout the season. Every possible aspect of herblism will be discussed as we get to know these wonderful green allies. You will study hard, and learn more than you can imagine! (Many herbs are listed by month below. I encourage you to email if you have questions about this class.) 541-736- 0164 or

How you will learn: Lecture in the gardens as well as inside when weather dictates. Hands-on experience with fresh and dried herbs for the new herbalist to intermediate level herbalist. This class revolves around easy to understand principles and gives you the necessary hands-on activities to teach you to identify, grow, collect, preserve and use herbs. Much of our time will be spent in the garden/field with the plants. Although this class is for beginner to intermediate level, I find the beginners often want some rudimentary information that this class is not designed for. Therefore, I suggest they take the "Beginner's Herbal ABC's Boot Camp" first if they have time. It is not required, but is suggested.SpringPretty

Where you will learn: Wise Acres Farm – A farm in Pleasant Hill Oregon, devoted to teaching planetary citizens to be more self sufficient in a sustainable manner. It is 18 minutes from South Eugene and 25 minutes from North Eugene. This will be our home base and most classes will be held here.

Who will be teaching: Classes are largely taught by Dr. Sharol Tilgner. Her bio is here. Dr. Tilgner's bio

Investment to learn: $425 - $525 (See discount schedule immediately below. Early payment has additional discounts!) sliding scale fee includes a whole spring to fall of lecture time, and hands-on time with the herbs.

Discounts: Receive a 15% discount if you register before November 15th, 2012. Receive a 10% discount if you register two months or more in advance. Refunds available up until three weeks prior to the class starting. There is a 20% surcharge on all refunds up until one month prior to the class when it changes to a 25% surcharge on all refunds. Remember there is a sliding scale for people who need it. Additionally, if you register as a group of 3 or more you can get a discount of 20% at any time. No other discounts can be taken with this 20% discount, but the sliding scale can still be used. For instance if three people are registering as a group for $450 on the sliding scale, they would each get $90 off the fee and pay only $360 each for the entire 8 months of classes.

Registration: To print out a registration form, click here: Becoming An Herbalist Registration Form

When you will learn: Specific scheduled Sundays from 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM, as listed below. Additional dates can be scheduled for those who wish to join Sharol in the herb gardens. No matter the weather we will meet on the specified Sundays unless the students and teacher agree to change a date. On June 16th we will meet at 10:30 AM in a wooded park for a walk on the wild side. We will walk a bit, have a picnic lunch and then walk a bit more.

Extra time with Sharol: Sharol offers her students the chance to spend extra time with her in the herb and food gardens. I highly suggest you take advantage of this as you will learn more weeding and transplanting the herbs with Sharol than you can imagine. You will be sent home with extra seeds, and extra transplants. Additionally, you will be shocked at how many great herbs are pulled out of the herb garden as weeds due to lack of room. These can all go home with you if you like. Weeding is an escpecially good time to examine the plants closely and to ask questions about them.


HerbClassThe scheduled Sunday dates!

March 10th
April 14th
May 12th
June 9th
June 23rd
July 14th
August 11th
September 8th
October 13th

Below is a list of herbs we will learn about by month/season. The herbs we learn about will not be limited to this list. Additionally, I can not promise that every herb listed will actually be available due to the influence of mother nature. Those that do not grow anywhere near here which you wish to learn about can also be studied if we have time. Simply let me know which herbs you have an interest in and I will try to fit them in at an appropriate time. The ones below will be our main focus. Most plants will be revistied at times not listed below so you can get to know them throughout the season as well as learn about collection of different parts of the plant at different times in the season. It will also help you to get to know the plant by visiting with it multiple times.

March: Oregon grape, Witch hazel, Poke, Valerian, Angelica, Burdock, Marshmallow, Pleurisy root, Horseradish, Black cohosh, Echinacea, Elecampane, Iris, Comfrey, Geranium, Chickweed, Pulsatilla, Nettles, Parsley root, Popular, Old man's beard, Lungwort, Bloodroot, Cascara,

April/May: Horsetail, Dandelion, Cedar, Rosemary, Arnica, Celendine, Artichoke, Shepherds purse, Scotch broom, Cleavers, Plantain, Chamomile, Sage, Thyme, Ladies mantle, Uva ursi, Borage, Osha, Linden

June/July: Yarrow, Oats, Borage, Calendula, St. John's wort, Motherwort, Lemon balm, Bee balm, Bergamot, Cat nep, Feverfew, Rhaspberry, Absinthe, Hawthorne, Gumweed, Hyssop, Horehound, Peppermint, Skullcap, Goldenrod, Lavender, Meadowsweet, Milk thistle, Mullein, Vervain,Celery seed (greenhouse),California poppy, Licorice, Schisandra

August/Sept: Boneset, Hops, Black walnut, Lobelia, Passionflower, Spilanthes, Red clover, Corn silk, Cayenne, Ginkgo, Black and Blue Elder berry, Wild yam, Yucca, Cramp bark

Oct: Fennel seed, Chaste tree seed, Horse chestnut, Hawthorne berry, Gotu kola (in greenhouse)

I encourage you to email if you have questions about this class.)

Camping on the farm: $15/night per each person.
Private cabin with a single bed and loft bed avaialble for $35 per night for two or more nights or $45 per night for one night. Includes use of outdoor kitchen and bathroom with hot shower. The cabin is available at reduced price for longer term stays.
Motel 15 minutes away
Many motels/hotels 20 minutes away - click here for details

Payments: Due to the limited amount of people we can take, it is not cost effective to take credit cards. We need you to pay by check or cashiers check. Please mail payment in along with the filled out form at this link:


Becoming An Herbalist Registration Form

I encourage you to email/call if you have questions about this class.) 541-736-0164 or




We will preserve herbs using a variety of methods.

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