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Sorry, this class is overflowing and is closed. Email your name to to be on the early notification for the next class. Usually, I would not teach this until 2015 but if enough people email their interest for 2014 I might teach it again next year.

Beginner's Herbal ABC's Boot Camp • To print out a registration form, click here: Registration form

This class allows people new to herbs to learn in a  class designed especially for them. If they wish to go on, it helps prepare them for the "Becoming An Herbalist" course offered at Wise Acres farm.

What you will learn in a nutshell: This is a class that will take you step by step as you are introduced into the world of herbalism in a crash courseherb class that is fun and challenging. Although it can stand on its own, the class is set up to be the first of a two part series module. This first class is designed specifically for beginners. It addresses the needs of those who are new to herbalism or who just want to brush up on the basics of herbalism. In addition to educational lectures, you will have fun learning to make infusions, decoctions, elixirs, salves, lip balm,  tinctures, capsules, suppositories and other fun herbal preparations.

Additional Details: The beginners class will go over the basics all herbalists need to know. You will be given a list of suggested texts, where to get reliable herbal information in books, periodicals, newsletters and internet as well as where to get reliable tools and supplies that a herbalist needs. You will receive the book Herbal Medicine (brand new and updated second edition) with your tuition as you will need it in class. We will cover basic herbal terminology and what those terms mean in each and every class. You will learn the differences between different types of herbal preparations and how/when to make or use each of them. You will learn about the tools you need for making herbal preparations, where to get herbs and herb making supplies, as well as experience actually making herbal preparations. You will learn how to make teas (decoctions & infusions), tinctures, salves, syrups, elixirs, compresses, slurries, poultices, creams, capsules, suppositories and how they are used. This will be a hands on class. The number in the class is limited by kitchen space since we will spend much of our time in there. In this first series we will also discuss simple remedies that are commonly used in the home for family and pet care. We will discuss first aid herbs as well as remedies for prevention and treatment of common conditions such as colds and flus.

How you will learn: Lecture as well as hands-on experience for the beginner. This class revolves around easy to understand principles and gives you the necessary hands-on activities to get better aquainted with the world of herbs.

Where you will learn: Wise Acres Farm – A farm in Pleasant Hill Oregon, devoted to teaching planetary citizens to be more self sufficient in a sustainable manner. It is 18 minutes from South Eugene and 25 minutes from North Eugene. This will be our home base and most classes will be held here.

Who will be teaching: Classes are taught by Dr. Sharol Tilgner. Her bio is here. Dr. Tilgner's bio

Investment to learn: $375-$425 Sliding scale  - See discounts for signing up with a buddy or early registration.

Discounts: I realize there are many people hurting for cash these days so I have devised a discount schedule in addition to the sliding scale fee. 10% discount if you sign up with a buddy or if you sign up before November 15th. No double discounts available. Don’t wait until the last moment to sign up or you may not be able to join due to lack of space in my kitchen. Refunds available up until three weeks prior to the class starting. There is a 20% surcharge on all refunds up until one month prior to the class when it changes to a 25% surcharge on all refunds. Remember there is a sliding scale for people who need it.

Registration: To print out a registration form, click here: Registration form

When you will learn: This class will encompass 5 jam packed days. We will meet every other Sunday starting January 6th. The dates are January, 6th, 20th, February 3rd, 17th,  and March 3rd. The second part of this series starts on March 10th. (If you want to sign up for it, I suggest you do it soon as it filled up quickly in 2012.) Specific scheduled Sundays are from 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM.

I encourage you to email/call if you have questions about this class.) 541-736-0164 or


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