Galium aparine

Cleavers - Galium aparine (in the Rubiaceae or Madder family)

Parts used: Fresh succulent aerial parts in flowering or seed-forming stage.

Taste/Smell: Fresh, pleasant taste.

Tendencies: Cooling and drying.

Dosage: 1:1 fresh + dry strength liquid extract: 30-75 drops; or a handful of fresh herb added to the juicer when making fresh vegetable juice.

Mental picture and specific indications: Due to its vulnerary action, cleavers can be helpful on ulcerated surfaces and is specific for tumors and ulcers in the mouth and throat. It is also beneficial for swollen glands and cysts. Cleavers is useful for skin irritations with a predilection for flexor surfaces like the bend of the forearm, the axilla and the back of the knees.

Use: (a) Relaxing diuretic, (b) Nutritious, (c) Vulnerary, (d) Hypotensive, (e) Lymphagogue, (f) Supports the immune system, (g) Corrects inability to pass normal catabolic wastes.

It is a soothing herb used in bladder and kidney problems. Cleavers has been shown to reduce stones and fibrocystic tissue. It can also be used for enuresis in children, benign prostatic hypertrophy and eczema.

Contraindications: Information unavailable at this time.

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