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  Archived Information from Dr. Tilgner.

This page is no longer being updated, due to a lack of time on the part of the owner. You can find additional data at Dreaming A Beautiful World Blogspot

Bed Bugs pdf: The Natural Solution

Brain - Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment blog

Echinacea spp pdf: Details on growing, preserving and use of this herb.

Capsules: Herb & Nutritional Capsules - What is in them blog

Children's Health pdf

Creating A Beautiful World Series :How to Make Change, Beginning to Create Community, Simple Steps,

Farm Data Blog Series - Hand Pumps for Wells, Hand Pump Update, Non-GMO Chicken Feed, Biodynamic Farming, Herbs Used in Biodynamic Farming,

Fish Oil Capsules Blog

Flu pdf : How to prevent Influenza and herbs to support the person with the flu.

Food Safety blog

Garden Blog Series: Onion Blog, Tomato Blog, Seeds Blog, Harvesting Herbal Roots Blog, Carrots Blog,

GMO Blog Series: GMO Food - the low-down on it, GMO Beer, GM Alfalfa, GM Apples,

Grapefruit Seed Extract Dangers Blog

Harvesting Herbs Blog,

Harvesting Herbal Roots Blog,

Herbal Product Forms Compared pdf:

Herbal Videos - How to and herb walks

Herbs Used in Biodynamic Farming

Honey Bees Series - United Nations Report on Bees blog, Save the Bees Blog

Immune System Blog

Kidney Health pdf:

Learning Skills for a Beautiful World blog

Making Herbal Preparations: Tinctures or Liquid Extracts Blog, Steam Inhalation Blog, Making Herbal Teas Blog,

Milk Thistle blog: How it protects you from toxins blog

Mold as a Hearlth Concern

Nettles - Food & Medicine blog

Nutrient Comparison in herbs & food pdf: Compares a few common herbs with a few foods to compare amounts of specific nutrients.

Prepared Food Products: What you should know blog

Radiation Concern blog

Raw Food blog

Roots, harvesting: Harvesting Herbal Roots Blog,

Steam Inhalation Blog

Sustainable Practices: Sustainability & Biodiversity Blog,

Teas: Making Herbal Teas Blog,

Tinctures or Liquid Extracts Blog

Urinary Tract pdf:

Wildcrafting blog

Women's Herbs pdf:

Varicose Vein pdfs:






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