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A New Herb Book: Herbal ABC’s The Foundation of Herbal Medicine

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herbal abcs book coverHere is what respected herbal experts have to say about this new and exciting book.

“Dr. Tilgner has a real knack for taking dry, scientific data, turning it into a fascinating read, then bringing it down to earth with practical applications, cases and traditional wisdom.~Deborah Frances R.N., N.D. ~ author of “Practical Wisdom in Natural Healing”

“Herbal ABC’s is a new kind of Herbal for the 21st Century. It is four books in one covering pathophysiology, an herbal materia medica, a scientific herbal and a textbook on the science of nutrition and lifestyle. The book will be equally valuable for students of the younger generation, as for those already continuing to practice, study, and learn in our field.” ~ Paul Bergner, North American Institute of Medical Herbalism

“Dr. Tilgner, one of America’s best-known herbalists and naturopaths, has written a book filled with accurate, usable information that is infused with the wisdom of a true physician. This should not only be on every herbalists bookshelves, but all interested in competent herbal medicine.” ~David Hoffmann FNIMH ~ author of “Medical Herbalism” & “The Holistic Herbal”

“I enthusiastically recommend Sharol Tilgner’s books as a standard for Western Naturopathic herbal medicine. In this her latest, she succinctly teaches how herbs are prescribed according to bio-physiological indications.” ~Dr. Michael Tierra ~ East West School of Planetary Herbology

This book discusses herbal actions of plants categorized by organ systems. You will look at these herbal interactions in a whole new light as you read about the traditions of our ancestors, examined along with today's new discoveries, supported with over 1200 scientific citations. This well organized book is punctuated by clinical pearls and words of wisdom.

Making herbal formulas becomes easier as Dr. Tilgner provides herbal formulary idea boxes throughout the chapters to give you suggestions of herbs you could consider when making herbal formulas.

Each chapter goes over some basic organ physiology pertinent to that chapter, with up-to-date scientific data.

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Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the Earth - 2nd edition

Herbal Medicine Book Cover“A wonderful guide for those new to herbs as well as an excellent formulary for those already skilled in herbalism. Sharol Tilgner has combined her triple skills of healing, farming and medicine making in her unique work with the plants.” ~Rosemary Gladstar, author, herbalist,
founder of United Plant Savers.

“Dr. Tilgner has written an impressive well-researched guide on the use of herbs that professionals and lay people alike will find very practical and informative.” ~Christiane Northrup M.D.

“This is an important text for the budding herbalist, and a handy reference for the experienced clinician. Dr. Tilgner has done an excellent job of pulling together a large amount of information and making it easy to access. A most valuable and useful addition to anyone’s herbal library.” ~Jill E. Stansbury N.D.

“Sharol’s book is an interesting and useful contribution, with some surprising new information, conveniently packaged.” ~Jim Duke, author of “The Green Pharmacy”

• Medicinal uses of 192 herbs with dosage, active constituents and contraindications.
• Herbal formulas organized by body systems.
• Learn how to collect herbs and make herbal extracts.
• Charts for harvesting.
• Dictionaries of herbal properties, actions and preparations.

Dr. Tilgner is an accomplished herbalist, naturopathic physician, and founder and prior owner of Wise Woman Herbals. She currently owns and operates Wise Acres where she shares her knowledge with apprentices and students.

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