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Title: Herbal ABC's The Foundation of Herbal Medicine

Edition: 1stbookphoto

ISBN: 978-1881517-04-7

Pages: 440, 7.25 inches wide x 9.25 inches high

Prices: $29.95

Publication date: May 1st, 2018

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• Learn the foundational building blocks of herbal medicine.

• You will learn the actions and applications that western herbal medicine is based on.

• Herbal ABCs is organized by body systems with introductory physiology for each organ system.

• It has up-to-date information on uses, dosages, contraindications of the most commonly used herbs.

• The focus is on traditional wisdom with clinical cases and over 1200 scientific citations, making this a well rounded book.

• The writer is a physician, herbalist of 35 years, founder and past owner of Wise Woman Herbals, has owned and operated herb farms, and has organized national herbal events. This writer knows every aspect of herbal medicine including growing, harvesting, preserving and using these wonderful plants as healing agents.

• Each chapter focuses on a specific body system, and the properties and actions of herbs that are most often used in that body system will be emphasized in that chapter.

* There are a number of formula idea boxes. They are useful when you are making an herbal formula, and you need an herb with a specific action, but also want the herb you choose to have secondary actions that are needed in the formula.

• The greatest value of Herbal ABC's The Foundation of Herbal Medicine is that it will become a trusted reference book. It will quickly become one of your most trusted herbal sources of information.

• This book is a complete handbook for the herbal practitioner. Paul Bergner said it succinctly when he wrote, “ This book is broad enough in scope that it contains within it enough material for four books.”

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