Mold Clean-Up Resources

This page contains educational material about remediation of moldy buildings. This information is for educational purposes only. Nothing in this text is intended to serve as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made only with the guidance of your own personal medical authority. I am doing my best to get this data up quickly and correctly. If you find errors in this data, please let me know.


Air Filtration in your House: Aireox Air Filters

Air conditioner set up for folks that is easier to clean & cheap

Cleaning Mold Up & Preventing It

Cleaning Your Car

Cleaning up your home: This is not detailed but still very helpful.

Cleaning up your home 2: This site has good data but they charge for a lot of it.

Guidlines From the World Health Organization can be downloaded here.

Contractors to Identify Mold in a Building &/or Clean Up - alphabetical:

Aerobiological: investigation and remediation and consultation

Air & Water Sciences - Environmental Consultants in Petaluma, CA

Certified Mold Inspectorss - East Coast areas

Douglas International LLC: Located in Eugene, Oregon

Environix: located in Seattle Washington

Leak detection: This company is an Oregon based company that finds leaky water pipes with non-invasive techniques. American Leak Detection.

Moisture Consultants located in Santa Rosa, CA

Mycometrics - Gold standard of mold testing - serves all of United States

PuroClean - In Oregon

RestCon Environmental in Sacramento, CA

Wonder Makers - Located in MI state - They claim to cover all of the U.S.


Dehumidify the air if you have high humidity in your house. (Check with a hygrometer.)

Dehumidifiers by EdgeStar

30 pint, 50 pint and 70 pint are all linked here.

Hygrometer: Relative Humidity Gauge

Tells you how much moisture is in your house. You can find these in an electronic gadget store. This is one I have used and had good luck with.



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