Mycotoxin Testing In Urine

This page contains educational material about testing urine for mycotoxins. This information is for educational purposes only. Nothing in this text is intended to serve as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made only with the guidance of your own personal medical authority. I am doing my best to get this data up quickly and correctly. If you find errors in this data, please let me know

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Testing urine for mycotoxins can be helpful if you want to see if your patient has a specific mycotoxin load or to follow how severe that load is.

If the person is unable to transform/detoxify the myctoxins they will not show up in the urine. So, a negative result could be incorrect if the person is not deoxifying adequately. To help them move the mycotoxins out prior to urine collection for the test, they can use far infrared saunas (Not tolerated by everyone and not to be used with a patient with POTS or adrenal insufficiency.) They can also use liposomal glutathione for a week prior to the urine collection to mobilize the mycotoxins. If a sauna does not work, try the glutathione.

Types of Mycotoxins
that can be Tested for in Urine are Tricothecenes, Aflatoxins and Ochratoxin .

Real Time Laboratories (RTL) offers testing for three types of mycotoxins in the urine.

Tricothecenes are evaluated by using Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay (ELISA). The test at RTL has been validated as a qualitative test. Thus, RTL reports whether tricothecenes are PRESENT or NOT PRESENT.

Aflatoxins are evaluated using ImmunoSorbant Columns containing antibodies to the group of aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, and G2). Results are reported as PRESENT or NOT PRESENT.

Ochratoxin A is evaluated using immunoSorbant Columns containing antibodies to the Ochratoxin A. Results are reported as PRESENT or NOT PRESENT.

Specimens that have been validated are urine, sputum, nasal washes, tissues. To discuss cost of these tests, please call the laboratory. You don't usually find mycotoxins in the blood as macrophages pick them up and remove them by storing in tissue.

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