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Biodynamic Farming

Wise Acres is a biodynamic and educational farm. In biodynamic farming, intention is everything. Such a farm strives to be a self perpetuating organism. Farming methods that support the healthy farm organism are used. All of the farms creatures are considered in the days decisions. Daily activities effect everyone on the farm, from the tiniest of microbes in the soil to the larger animals such as the cows. Food for the animals and the farmer comes from the farm as much as possible. The plants grown on the farm are fed with compost created from the animal's feces and urine, animal bedding and plant debris. Plants that fix nitrogen are grown with crops or as a cover crop to increase the nitrogen in the soil. Special biodynamic preparations are made and sprayed on the land and/or put into the compost piles. The laws of nature are used to regenerate and keep the farm healthy. Biodynamic methods of farming nourish the soil, plants and animals but most importantly support the vital force of the earth and all creatures which inhabit the earth. This type of farming was originated by Rudolph Steiner.

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Biodynamic preparations in brief:
The yarrow prep assists plants in attracting trace elements in extremely dilute quantities for their best nutrition.

The chamomile prep stabilizes nitrogen within the compost and increases soil life so as to stimulate plant growth.

The nettle prep stimulates soil health, providing plants with the individual nutritional components needed and enlivens the soil.

The Oak prep provides healing qualities to combat harmful plant diseases.

The dandelion prep stimulates the relation between silica and potassium so silica can attract cosmic forces to the soil.

The valerian prep stimulates compost so the phosphorus content of the compost can be properly used by the plant. It is also used the evening before a frost is expected.

The horsetail prep is used to prevent fungal growth.

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